Motorcycle Permit GET! ദ്ദി ( ᵔ ᗜ ᵔ )✮₊ ⊹

 Hi hi!

A bit un-fashion related but Ive been
practicing and studying to get my motorcycle permit.

The state I live in offers permit classes before getting your license.
You don't have to do it this way but most people do!

I practiced a bit before the classes on my friends bike!

Suzuki GS 500

I practiced going in circles, my speed and breaking properly.
I felt i made some progress and my friend said I'm pretty good at slow speed maneuvers!

But when I tried turning out of a sharp right, I hit the front brake
and lost my balance.

I accidentally tipped over the bike...

I broke the front brake lever too.

I'm so sorry!!!

I paid him for a new one and I felt so bad.
But its been dropped before and he said he wasn't worried about it.

The next week I had my permit class!

I studied the training manual and Yamaha class
modules like crazy in preparation...

Friday night was all evening class room material.
Mostly basics!

Everyone in my class was so shy but I love talking
about motorcycles so I pryed some good convo's out!

[ Day 2 ]
We started early on the range. 7:30 am!
I was so excited, I slept really bad the night before and woke up every couple hours.
I still felt energized to ride tho!!

The bike I ended uo choosing was the Kawasaki Eliminator 125!
I enjoyed this so much more than the Honda Rebel in my first practice class..

We did parking lot riding drills for half the day
then took a break for lunch.

There was a car show giving out free food but
I wasn't in the mood for anything heavy so I
got some spring rolls.

Here are some photos from the car show!

After lunch we went back to class for some more learning then prepared for our written exam.

I studied a LOT for weeks so I felt very confident.

I got 100% !!!!


Once I got home I took a [needed] long hot bath and
used my Donki Quijote Bath bomb!

I got this cute capsule Donpen inside!


[ Day 3 ]
7:30 am start on the course again.
It was a lot colder and I dressed in many layers!
I think I wore my face scarf half the day!

We did practice drills in preparation
for the riding exam!

I was only 1 of 3 Female riders.
One was married and wanted to get her license to ride with her family!
She seemd to have something going on with her bike since I saw her at the side lines for a bit during a drill.

Then Sadly the other Lady fell and dropped her
bike during the Uturn practice.

He boyfriend, who was also in the class, came to her
rescue to check on her.

As her and her bf were leaving, she looked at me in the eyes.
Straight into my soul and said..

"Your'e the last one"

I immediately realized and noticed I was the last woman standing.
I hadn't noticed the other lady also left!


I was extremely determined to pass no matter what!

I really liked doing the U-Turns!
Weaving the bike back and forth is so fun.
I now get why people enjoy winding roads so much.

Around 11:30 we wrapped up drills and took a break
to get ready for the test.

Our instructors suddenly had to get really serious.

They were so funny and nice the whole time, seeing them become quiet and strict was interesting!

I was so nervous for the driving portion because some things I
was getting better on, and some I wasn't.

So I was very unsure on how I would do when its
the only time that counts.

I was at the back of the line of everyone doing the test courses.
I would get so nervous while I waited for everyone to finish.

A couple times I got frustrated because I messed up things I knew I was doing good at earlier..

But I was also surprised to see I did some things
better than when I practiced.

In the end



Thank you to my instructors, class mates and my
bike for making this such a fun time!

It was extremely exhausting and challenging and took
my entire weekend but it was so worth it!!

Next Journey,
Getting my Endorsement [full license] and a Motorcycle!

After class let out, me and my partner went to celebrate at
a restaurant we hadn't tried yet.

Turns out it was a biker bar!

I didn't mean to pick such a topical place.
Turns out there was a Vespa meet-up that day!

My winners meal was a steak quesadilla!
It was so yummy but so much food!

Thank you for reading and see you again!

Sakuracon 2024 [LONG POST!] ໒꒰ྀིᵔ ᵕ ᵔ ꒱ྀི১。ꕤ˚

Hi hi!

Its Sakuracon time again! Yay!


Thursday was super fun! I decided to dress like an egg!


After I got everything all packed I headed to Seattle!
But I made a pit stop at a yummy shopao spot!

I wanted to get 85c also but the bakery was packed!

I went through the Round1 and
found my girl!

Also this cutie sleeping ssssshh..

I had a bit of road rage because I am not used to driving in downtown Seattle and when I missed a turn, it then forced me onto the highway and took me out of Seattle!

I had to jump back into traffic which
added an extra 30 minutes...

Once I was at the hotel and more calm, me and my friends
unloaded my things and got ready to pick up our badges!

The line was super short! (yay!)

After Badge pickup some friends mentioned going to Karaoke, and I remembered I had another friend who was at Karaoke too!

I told them i might come crash later!

After my friend Seana arrived, we headed to
Karaoke to say hi to everyone!

It was so funny being at Rock box Karaoke and jumping in
between rooms! M
y friends were very drunk!

I got to sing a song and steal a sip of booze.

I sang Aitakkatta because I couldn't
think of anything else ww

One group of friends was leaving and invited us to dinner so
we left with them and went to a cool bar called Pine Box!

It had a goth theme because it used to be a Mortuary!

The pizza was ok, the other food was terrible.
But I loved the atmosphere!

After dinner we went back to our hotel
and got ready for bed!


I was excited to wear my Bakuon! cosplay for Friday.
i was curious to see if  itd do better at this con.

I had 7 people recognize me and got photos too!
3 people even talked to me about their own bikes!!!!
aaaah~ Im glad I got to gush bike talk.

One person even owned an R3! Jelly!!

[photo by my friend Fran at h.Naoto Booth]

After ventuirng the Vendors Hall and Artist Ally, I decided I
was allowed to eat now and headed back to the room.

I really wanted to change out but was starving so I ordered room service..
I should have taken a photo but it was a very tasty sandwich and was great to eat while I changed clothes!

I then got ready with Seana for the rave!
We listened to a group I've loved lately called "MAD MEDICINE!"

Here is my code fo the rave!!
[Feat. the new ACDC Rag Yummy Diner collection!]

I took too many selfies that I love..

I was able to secure my Decora Sanrio plushies
that I asked my friend Aero to snag for me!

We matched!!

I also made Sakuracon themed Kandi bracelets
to trade at the rave!

(It turns out people kept forgetting to bring theirs to trade
so I gave most of mine away ww)

The Rave was so much fun!

We only stayed for the first two acts, Jiminicricket and GRAZ

Both did an amazing job!

I was also able to snag some photos and
videos of Atanadinata performing!

It was so amazing to watch!

I randomly spotted my friend SQ/WT Snacks!

I also met up with Colin!

I took a break after the first two acts and went to our
usual Sheraton party spot!

I drew my friend Tae!

Then she drew me! (way better!)

Hanging with the crew!

After hanging with the crew for a bit, I recruited some to
come back to the rave with me!

It was really fun to dance and goof around with my friends!

We weren't the biggest fans of the set that played but I'm glad
my friends still enjoyed their time with me <3

I went back to the room and passed out.


First thing I did Saturday morning was get coffee with Seana.
I got a breakfast sandwich and an iced coffee.

Once we got back to the hotel, I got ready to
wear my Tamomo Cross cosplay from Umammusume!

KCP and Menchi brought their horse girls too and mentioned
they had a friend cosplaying Daitaku Helios!

Off to the races!

We wandered around the second floor or Artist Alley
together since we missed it on the first day!

Me and CCliia instantly bee-lined it to this adorable nail booth!
The vendor makes all the nail sets herself!

I asked for photos since it felt like
a cute character moment!

 The nails were buy 4 sets get 1 Free. 
I said we should Rock, Paper, Scissors to decide who
gets the extra pair off nails.

It was a tie, then I lost.
I wasn't too bummed tho since I used to do my own nails w
And I was happy to see CCliia excited about another pair~

Here are the two sets I got!

After AA we went to hang out in the Game Room!

Our Goldshi played this Higurashi Majong
game where the girls have fan service scenes when you win.

I guess its better then them having a more gruesome
fate like in the anime ww...

I then saw they had the
Para Para Paradise machine!


I showed everyone how to play and we took turns getting
photo ops of each other playing it as horses!

[My Goldshi called this photo "winning Live"]

I had so much fun and am so thankful to my friends
for making me look so cool ;A;
[Video will be up on my IG]

I got some selfies before I changed
out of my cosplay!

Special Appearance! I ran into Mrtoado!
Like I always do! YAY!

Such a cute Hamtaro group!!

I had to change out a little early so I could make my friends
Birthday dinner that was off-site from the con!

I changed into a combo of gyaru and cosplay w???

The restaurant was so neat!
It was a whiskey bar in Pike Place called Radiator Whisky!

We had a huge full course meal and

Everything was sharble sides and we got a lovely surprise
....of half of a pigs head!!

I have never eaten this in my life.

It tasted pretty good but I was grateful
I got hanger steak too w

And here is the Skillit they make
you carry as a bathroom pass..

Happy Birthday Elise!
Watching her drink expensive whiskey and light up like
the sun was such a treat.

I am so thankful I went and I loved
trying new foods together.

After we went by the water to get a big group shot!

After dinner, I rushed back to the hotel to get ready to meet
up with some gals from Portland, to play para para and hang out!

I really wanted to do a whole hallway set and dance para para
but my speaker was dead and is shit.

I loved my co*de and felt very cool!

When I got to the Game Room, I met up with Liv, Laos,
Ruby, and Jodelle!

It was so fun to play games with them
and practice para para!

We got some water and chatted in the halls for a while.

Me, Ruby and Jodelle decided to check
out the Rave for a bit!

I had so much fun dancing together!

I started getting tired and wasn't feeling the set anymore so I took a break and changed into my cozy kigu.

I went to the Sheraton to see what everyone was
up to and so I could cool down.

I had fun catching up with friends and made new friends too!!!
Unfortunately, I started to fade and couldn't stay awake any longer.
I wish I could have stayed up later but I'm getting so old ww


I had a huge Decora outfit planned for Sunday and
I am so shocked I was able to get 90% ready and be
out of the room before noon!

I did have to put on some of my bracelets, clips and face stickers on
while we made our way to the fashion show ww

I am so happy with my code!

I met some really nice friends of Seana's and we went
to the Fashion Show Walk together!

The show wasn't very long so we missed the beginning
but I was so happy to see a decora person!

I got to run into Olivia from our
last JFashion meetup!

There was supposedly a JFashion meet a few hours later but my social battery was critically low and I only really had energy to say farewells to my close friends and ready myself to head home.

Me and some friends went back to the vendors hall and
We stopped by the booth Colin was at too!

Another special run-in with Mrtoado!

Saw the PDX crew too!
Everyone looked so amazing!

I got to meet the model who did decora for the fashion show!
We had to get some photos!

East Coast meets West Coast!

I ran into Mom [Momo]!

I absolutely love this photo she got of me!

This dog was so cute AAA!!

Here are some photos of booths I liked!
(there were some others I loved but forgot to take photos boo)

This Rave wear booth was so fun!

h.NAOTO booth!

The booth Sugar Clay Cafe was so adorable!
[Bummed I didn't get any photos]

I got a really cute bunny broach from them
that matched perfectly with what I was wearing!

Here are some cute cosplays
I got photos of too!

Puffy Ami Yumi




Chuuni Byou!
I loved that they did the imaginary battle outfits

I also had a good nice chat with SQ!

After some more good byes, we headed home.

Enjoy some of the GETS!

Overall, Sakuracon was fun as always!
It was really exciting doing more Jfashion at cons.
I will always pull out Umamusume and maybe Raimu again!

Thanks for reading such a long post!

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