A Thrifting day with my Gyarusa! ( ¢‿¢)ㄏ$$$$

 Hi Hi!

 I recently got to hang with my gyarusa and
we went on a super fun thrifting adventure!

 First, a close up on my outfit!
I recently bought this oversized jersey at Rue21
and have been dying to wear it!

I was trying to incorporate it in a way that I would see in Ranzuki 2012!

Oversize Jersey: Rue21
Hair pompoms: Rue21
Nails: DIY
Shoes: Walmart crocs baby

We met up first at Goodwill!
This is one of the nicer Goodwill's in our area and this one
usually has really great finds, name brand, and a ton of furniture!

Me, Rio, and Ray dug through most of the store had some really great finds!

We found someone's huge collection of Hello Kitty plushes!
These were from a 1999/2000 release of Hello Kitty and Daniel plushes in collaboration with McDonalds!

Almost all of them were in complete pairs!
[Except for the Japanese wedding pair]
I dug through more second hand stuff animals I would even
be willing to touch just to find this damn Female HK Jp Wedding plush.
I never found it though..

( 눈_눈  ;).

We really looked insane carrying these in the store.

Even the cashier made a comment asking if
we fought over these together www!

Hekku met up with us at the Goodwill while we wrapped up 
and divvied up our findings!

I feel like all of us really found some great pieces!

After that we got lunch at Pho - Hoa!

I got the Lemon Grass and Pork Chop with Egg
and a Strawberry Banana smoothie 
w/ whip cream

Once we were finished eating and relaxing a bit, we went down the street to the Ross!

[I couldn't decide which boots to get, I loved almost the whole store]

We all sort of camped out in the middle of the store, looking over our findings and helping out Hekku with a panel for 109 day!

Please check out Hekku's Panel : Thriving as a broke gal
@ 1:15 pm PST / 10:15 pm CEST

After some nice finds at Ross, we called it a day and headed home!

Now! For the next part,
Here are my GETS!

I may actually return this one..I'm not sure how I feel about it now ww

Thanks so much for reading!
See you next time!

109 Month! + First Blogging Challenge (◍•ᴗ•◍)❤!

 Welcome to 109 Month Everyone!

This is a super amazing idea that was created by
the wonderful Reila!

She is an amazing gal from Peru and she had a really fun idea to create a month-long event for all gyaru to join!

This event includes weekend panels and workshops ran by other extremely talented gals in the community!

Please check out the event info here:

Reila's Blog

Here is the first official



1. Name / Gyaru Nickname and Country?

Kohime / Kohi and I'm from the United States of America 

2. Since when are you gyaru?

I started my first attempt on October 30th & 31st 2019.
I tried a general gyaru look and a kogal look

3. How did you discover the style?

I've known about gyaru since I discovered  and became
 obsessed with the  anime Super GALS back in around 2006.
 I've always had a huge interest in anime and Japanese culture and
the older I became, the more I researched and learned. 

As I got older, I still paid attention to gyaru style and other styles of J-fashion.

 I also followed a lot of music artists who showed gyaru characteristics;
 i.e. Koda Kuma, Ayumi Hamasaki, Tsuji Nozomi, Rina Tanaka.


I always admired them and the style a lot and in 2010, I had a couple failed makeup attempts with friends during slumber parties.

I also continued to cosplay many characters that were known or categorized as "gyaru".

Fall 2019, however, I decided to finally give it a real attempt after finding the Gyaru 101 YouTube series and binging it in one evening. 
I've been hooked and trying to better everyday since then!

4. What's your current substyle? Why do you like it?

My general style is gyaru kei, with the one day, 
goals of being full Tsuyome!
I also love to dabble in Agejou and Garage style, 
Casual Style, and  Celeb gal!

I like them for a lot of different reasons, but I really just love the idea of being over-the-top and extra, regardless of if you are glammed up or having a casual day!

I think that is what is important about being a lifestyle gyaru!
 It's very self motivating and just gives me an overall super happy feeling!   

5. What are your current booms?

Definitely anything black, white, pink and neon colors!
Lots of sparkle and collecting Hello Kitty and Korilakkuma!
I was doing a lot of the casual garage style but I 
want to start incorporating more gyaru kei.
+ Black Diamond 2012 looks! I also want to start adding more color to my hair!

6. Share 3 of your fav codes. Why do you like them so much?

1. Alba Rosa :  I wore for tanning outside 
-- I really love this outfit because it was all Alba Rosa, my hair looked amazing, it was comfy and casual, and I think its a good brown/tan themed co*de --

2. Tropical Rainbow : I wore this while practicing styles in my room
-- I love this co*de because I really love myw fluffy pigtails and I think its very fun and playful. I was trying to channel a more fun bubbly look you'd see in an old egg magazine. My nails also matched! --

3. Kuromi Kogal : Worn for fun / experimenting with character themed kogal co*des. I love this one wwso so much! I really love kogal and JK style so doing casualand playing around with character themes is very fun! I cant wait to do more! --

7. Share 3 things you learnedw during your Gyaru journey.

1. I've learned to not hold back and just keep trying different looks!
I feel like sometimes I hold myself back or I look back on 
looks and I wish I could have changed certain things. I've learned that its good to just push yourself out of your comfort zone, go heavy handed, try your dream looks and copy your idols!
Its never too late to go back and re-attempt your previous looks/co*des. 
Push for dramatic!

2. Enjoy the journey!
I've learned that its okay to have more than one style and to just enjoy your attempts!I used to think I had to have one or two specific styles or aesthetics in order to be good.
 While being cohesive with one style and theme is important, you don't have to limit your self to one sub style or label it every time.
If you want to be Agejou one day and then Amekaji the next, go for it!
I think it'll be more fun in the end because then you can try multiple things and see what sticks. You can look back and try to re-attempt looks and re-incorporate what you've learned over time!

3. Be confident and don't second-guess advice!
I feel that since I am still so new to wearing gyaru, sometimes I become a bit hesitantto give concrit to others or I'm not quite sure how to phrase it. Or I worry about upsetting them!
What I've learned is many are receptive to it and actually appreciate it and are thankful.I've realized that I'm good at what I'm doing and I should be more sure of my advice and not second guess myself! I have to remember how much I loved getting advice and even still do to this day!

8. Share 3 gaijin gals and 3 Japanese gals you look up to.

I really have a HUGE LIST of people I look up to.
I'm just limiting myself to 3 each because 
I'm really trying not make this post too long.
So please do not be sad if you aren't on this list, I LOVE YOU I SWEAR MWUAH MWUAH

Japanese Gals:

[I have so many influences that I may make 
a separate blog post about this too!]

9. What's your favorite Gyaru memory?

I don't think I can really pick just memory just yet 
but a few that stand out to me are:

- When I really opened my eyes to gal and binged the Gyaru 101 YouTube series + continued to research for days straight with any free time I had.

- The early quarantine days and getting to video chat with so many gaijin galsfrom so many countries. Even if we only talked once or twice, it was so much fun!

-Starting our local gyarusa; Pacifica!
and all the super fun times we've been going out and planning future events with Ray!I feel so official and cool ~ (*~▽~)

10. What advice would you give to people who want to start the style but doesn't have the courage yet?

Just play with make up! Play with clothes!

When I was first starting out I was practicing makeup almost every night.
I would maybe spend a couple hours putting it on, take a few photos 
and immediately wash it off! 
You really don't learn or get better if you don't actually do it. Everything takes practice!Putting on eye lashes, putting in contacts, finding your favorite eye shape or what suits your face
[I still don't know my own favorite eye shape yet!]

Just put yourself out there and have fun! 

Wow what a long blog but challenge accomplished!
I hope you enjoyed reading and didn't mind my pic spam! 


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