NG day! [Updates & mediocre adventures] (; ̄Д ̄)

Hi hi!

I'll be honest, last week was the best week for me.

I have good updates and bad updates!

The good is that my injury is slowly getting better and
I am attending physical therapy!

But this last weekend was full of a few disappointment and ended with my car leaking water inside and I had to take it in for repairs 

Saturday me and my boyfriend thought it would be fun to
go to a coffee shop and this farm supply pet store!

It was really rainy and its been difficult to dress gal with my injury.
its easier for me to get around in more comfortable clothing.

But I still wanted to try something
fun with my hair and make!


This time I used the "Get Real" shade of Jaclyn Hill liquid lipstick!
I love it so much!

The coffee shop had almost too many options so
I tried something sort of basic; white chocolate Americano.

The drink wasnt very good and tasted very watered down
But the brownie I got was tasty!!

For lunch we went to a brewery restaurant and I got
a Rigatoni Mac & Cheese- to be honest, it was also just okay.

It was quite a rainy day outside too...

After lunch we stopped by Target to get some new
house hold items we were in need of.

Super cute pillows I saw there!

Then we went to the Farm supply/pet store!
It seemed interesting because they advertised having a wide variety of pets! Even exotics like tarantulas and scorpions.

The store was pretty cramped and dusty. 
A majority of the animal care seemed okay especially the reptiles and fish.

But some other areas not so much..
I felt like the birds needed more toys in their cages
to prevent boredom and the bunnies and rodents also had no toys..

The larger rabbits were in very dirty pins
that seemed far too small.

It had a horrible livestock feel and they were on metal wire grates.
I feel so bad for them and their paws.

They were all so sweet too.

All in all I don't think I will really shop there.

I usually prefer supporting smaller mom-and-pop pet stores rather than big chains like Petco and Petsmart, but maybe I will just have to stick to
mainly online ordering or other better shops.

After the pet store we came back home and my boyfriend
cooked really tasty steaks for dinner.

We also watched a movie!

It was overall a NG day but I tried my best to be positive
and productive the rest of the weekend.

The car problems and my injury are still a major stressor but I'm
trying to go one step at a time and do small fun things
like get coffee or window shop.

Thanks for reading
 and see you next time!


Happy New Year! Updates + Makeup haul! (✧∀✧)/$

Hi hi!
Happy New Year!

I hope everyone is having a great beginning to 2023!

I am finally caught up on blogging!!

Before Christmas I went to the mall to get
a gift for my works Secret Santa!

Me and her really bond over makeup and she loves Sephora,
so I got her a gift card and wanted to get her a
little something else to go with it.

So I stopped by Morphe!

[Me and her also went into Morphe together when
it first opened at the mall ww]

They were having a crazy good sale!
70% the whole store except certain brands.

I got her a travel kit with 3 bushes.

It was $18 and I got it for $5!

At that point is when I realized I'm probably going to
be shopping for myself too...

Here are some of  my gets!

Jaclyn Hill Liquid Matte Lipsticks
[Price: $̶2̶0̶ $6 each]

Jaclyn Hill Blush Stick - Swoon
$̶9̶.̶2̶4̶ $3.96]
I am really excited to use this ASAP!

P. Louise Base -
$̶1̶5̶ $5.40]
I actually got this to try as a cream blush!
[hopefully it wont stain my face ww]
Lashes I got for free but they are so ugly.
I will probably give them away to some poor soul ww

I also got a Morphe contouring brush and small
detailing brush to use for when I want bright inner corner on OTT make!

[M403 Contour brush price: $̶1̶2̶ $3.60]
[M250-1 Detailing brush price:
$̶6̶ $1.80]

I also got another travel case w/ mini brushes but I'm still
trying decide If I should keep it or use it as a nice gift!

I couldn't stop myself and already am loving the Jaclyn Hill
liquid lipsticks! I am wearing TRUTH in my {below} Christmas day make!

After stocking up on a lot of new makeup, I stopped by the mochi donut shop to take a few home as a surprise for my boyfriend!

Then I stopped by Round1 out of curiosity to see if the
purikura machine was working.

And yes it was!

I took some silly photos while still in
my work clothes www

This has to be some of my favorite puri I've ever taken ww

A few days later is when I got my injury.

I'm pretty private so I don't want to talk too much about it but
I rolled my ankle on some stairs at my work and fell.

A couple days later the doctors diagnosed me with an
ankle sprain and closed fracture 

I had a similar injury back in 2018 with the same foot
but it was my top foot bones that were broken.

Luckily, this doesn't feel as bad but the
healing will probably take a while. 

But I will know much more after I see the specialist!

On Christmas I tried my best to still dress cute even
with crutches and an ugly boot!

It was a really lovely time with family and
the kids made the cutest cookies!

Very yummy too!

After Christmas, we were also really busy with moving
so it was pretty difficult to manage with my injury.

But we finally got moved in though!!

For New Years Eve, we hung out with some friends near by
and spent the evening drinking and chatting!

I had a whole outfit planned but I was so tired after
the move, so I just settled into a kigu~

We also drew Sephorioph ww

I really look forward to the new year!

A new life, new place,
maybe a new job once I heal up?
A new pet???

The future has a lot of opportunity!

But for now I need to be patient and focus on healing
and the slow process of settling in.

Thanks for reading!

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