Errands & Round1 + Weekend co*de \(≧▽≦)/


Hi Hi!
 Hope you have been well!

I have been so much better in my recovery process and
am so happy I am feeling back to normal again!

Last Friday me and a friend went to go shopping for
party decorations for another friends graduation!

First we went to Daiso and got a lot of cute decorations there!
I also go some stuff for myself too of course...

I mostly got myself some drinks and snakcs
and other errand type items like cotton pads ww

Another friend of mine met up with us at the mall for an item exchange!
I had a gag gift from a long time ago that he was interested
in giving to another friend, so he met me at the mall.

I invited him to shop with us at Daiso!

My Galsa also video called me in the store and I got to
introduce them to my other friends!

After Daiso we went to Round1!


By some sort of miracle...

[I had just gotten off work so my outfit is not very cute ww]

It was so fun to use it but, I feel like its ONLY in working
order when it's a work day for me and I'm not dressed
up or with my galsa grr...

Round1 also finally made their UFO prizes cute again!


[For a while it was just plushes from commercial brand
American series and they didn't look very cute]

After photos we played some Rhythm games!

I got to play Drum Mania, which
I haven't played in probably a decade ww

It was so much fun and I want to go back and get better at it!

[So many of the games had credits left over in them
because people find it difficult and walk away]

We also played Dance Rush, which was really fun but quite a workout!

I used to be pretty good at DDR back in the day but since this
game is more about freestyle, I was a bit stiff ww.

I could see myself getting better at it though!

My friends playing!

We cooled down and played some more games, then
parted ways so me and my first friend could finish our errands.

We went to Chipotle then I dropped them off and headed home!
[No photos of the Chipotle since i ate it so fast ww]

On Saturday I did a tropical code theme while
chatting with some members of CYBER!

The theme was easy for me since most of my closet
is tropical now..

Afterwards, I ate lunch then held a
live stream on my Instagram!

Thank you to all who came!
I may be selling some items from my haul if
they don't fit correctly, so stay tuned for that!

Most of them turned out so nice though
once I tried them on!

Thanks so much for reading!

From Sick to ➔ GAL + Thrifting and Bubble Tea (〃 ̄ω ̄〃ゞ

 Hi Hi!

So sorry for the lack of posting and
lack of over-all gal content!

I was very sick for the last 2 weeks and am still
slowly recovering from that.

Most of my symptoms are gone but im overall just
very exhausted and short of breath a lot.

For 2 weeks I just binge watched shows
and slept almost non-stop ww

But now I am finally feeling better enough to jump back on
posting and going out, and most importantly - DRESSING IN GAL!

Here is a look I did last Sunday
to go thrifting with Rio!

I am really happy about this look!


I really wanted to wear these d.i.a flood pants I've had for quite
some time so I made that the main point of my outfit.

Originally I wanted to wear  my snake print platform sandals,
but since I was still really weak, I ended up going with my
more flat platform fuzzy slides ww

There were so many cute shoes at Goodwill!
Sadly, most of them were uncomfortable or werent our size!

My Goodwill GETS!

I was really craving bubble tea so we made a stop before going
back to see Ray and his family for dinner!

We hung out for a bit and caught up while eating
pizza and drinking beer.

[Im a poser, i didnt drink any beer ww]

It was so nice to see my galsa again!
I am pumped for more hangouts soon!

This work week has been a bit difficult with my lack of
energy and how physically active my job is.

But on Tuesday I stopped for really yummy
bubble tea after running a (failed) work errand downtown.

[The tea was soooo goood!!!!]
A long time ago I used to say that Taro
milk tea tastes likethe cream inside an Oreo.

 Some people understood a little or didnt agree but man,
this place actually had bit of Oreo cookie in the
drink on the menu!!! I felt so validated!

The errand took me to a really cute downtown area near
my work that I had never been to before!



I really want to go back soon and explore more!

The rest of my work week wasn't too bad though!
I saw the new Top Gun Maverick movie Wednesday night!
[So good! I HIGHLY recommend it!!]

And on Thursday, my work place had a fun
hallway Putput Tournament
with actual set ups!

I am looking forward to this weekend!
Maybe I will go shopping or do my nails!
Thank you for reading!

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